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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The sky's the limit!

At this point I've shared with you (my readers) about my love for cooking, my passion for nutrition, and I've shared a few different news articles that are important to the nutrition world- it's about time I share some exercise and fitness information!
As anyone who knows me can attest- exercising is my hobby, my go-to, my stress reliever, and the way I spend any and every extra minute I have in my day. At this point I've tried all sorts of crazy workouts- boot camps, trainers, boxing, running, ballet classes, and 3 hour intensive zumba classes (though I love this because I teach it), and the list goes on... Well today I tried a new one- an hour long "SkyRobotics" class.
This hour-long trampoline class brought me back to my childhood in so many ways, except this was so much cooler. After signing the waiver form, which warned me of the "unusual cuts, bruises, and injuries" I may be subjected to, I was equipped with a super-cool pair of high topped sneakers (that gave me terrible blisters- all those who try it out wear high socks!) and I was ready to go.

Because the website informed me that I was going to burn 1,000 calories during this hour long jumping expedition, I wore my heart-rate monitor to test it out- it wasn't quite 1,000.
After a brief warmup, the instructor had us do lots of "rouncing"- running combined with bouncing, intervals, jumping jacks, pushups, running in place, splits, side shuffling, and lots of other activities- all which were dangerous but entertaining.
By the end of the class, and 400 calories lighter, I had a few blisters, very staticky hair, and my legs felt like jello.
Whats my overall rating of this crazy workout?
1. Lots of fun and inexpensive ($12.00 per class; first time jumpers get a discounted rate of $6)
2. A great workout- my heart rate hovered around 162 during the intervals (maximum heart rate is approximately 220- your age... though this varies based on genetics)
3. A good way to shake it up- and shaking up your workout routine is the best way to ensure consistent and continual results because over time your body will adapt to a usual routine.
4. Overall- definitely try it out- its lots of fun.

Where can you find out where your nearest SkyZone is? Check out their website- ...www.skyzonesports.com
Here's a few things I wouldn't recommend about this workout:
1. Eating anytime before going (give it a few hours- I ate 2 and a half hours prior to and I still felt it!)
2. Serious knee injuries? Don't go- I have no injuries and mine are bugging me hours later.
3. Going without tall socks- terrible blisters! Bring long socks

Have any exercise questions or kinds of exercise you're curious about? Send me an email!

-Healthy Gal

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