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Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Quick Way to Find Out Nutrition Info

While perusing the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) MyPyramid.gov website today, looking at the new dietary guidelines for Americans, which were released on Monday, I found the greatest tool. I can't tell you how often I end up spending countless hours looking for nutrition information about a product on the internet that is absolutely impossible to find. This tool, called My Food-A-Pedia, allows you enter the in the name of the product you want to search for, and it then gives you a list of matching products and then voila! In front of you is information about calories and what food group it came from. Not only does this awesome tool allow you to find information on processed food, but it also lets you find information on fruits and vegetables (cooked all kinds of different ways).  Additionally, lets say you type in whole wheat penne and you scroll down and click on whole wheat pasta, you then can click on any "condiment" you put on it. This not only gives you the information on the basic food you added but it will allow you to see exactly what happened to the calorie and nutrient (if there are a few different groups its now coming from) content of the food once you added additional sauce or butter, Olive oil etc... so cool!!!
Now ofcourse, while this is so great, I have a major complaint. When I look for any of the products us gluten-free people like to/ can/ have to eat, such as rice pasta, nothing comes up. Hopefully with time! Otherwise, I think this is a totally great tool, and will certainly save me a ton of time!

Comments welcome!

-Healthy Gal

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