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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

paying to workout- a new idea

Do you workout? Working out is the best way to relieve stress, restart your day, and to become healthier while doing so much as watching tv or listening to your favorite tunes on your ipod. Students at Harvard started a new program called Gym-Pact in which they started a gym that will literally cost you to miss workouts or to not go. (check it out! http://www.boston.com/business/articles/2011/01/24/gym_pact_bases_fees_on_members_ability_to_stick_to_their_workout_schedule/) What a great idea! If theres no better incentive, hopefully having to pay for what we're missing will help to get us all back on track. The best part about this is that you choose how much money you will have to pay when you miss a scheduled workout- so you will literally be choosing how much trouble you put yourself in when you opt out of getting healthier.
What do you think about this? We are all motivated in different ways, but getting motivated through owing money is a good place to start. even though you will owe money to the gym, the only person you will owe money to is yourself. It's always hard at first, but once you get into a routine working out becomes second nature, and even becomes something you enjoy.
For me, working out is my outlet, and it helps me to keep my mind on track, keeps me focused! You might say its my hobby, but there could be worse things.
Every once in a while I even treat myself to a new piece of clothing to wear while I work out- most recently it was a new lululemon zip top, I just love it! Whatever keeps you going, right?

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